Why do videos stop playing on my mac

Launch the uninstaller and simply uninstall Flash Player from your Mac and restart the computer. Reinstall and check to see if YouTube videos are working.

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In Chrome, click on the three dots at the top right and click on Settings. Scroll down and click on Advanced to expand it. Scroll down to Flash and then toggle the control so that it says Ask First recommended.

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To do this, open Safari and then click on Safari at the top and click on Preferences. Click on the Websites tab and there should be a section called Plug-ins at the bottom of the left panel. Make sure that Adobe Flash Player is checked. Some people have reported that videos will work properly upon clearing cache.

Make sure to check Cached images and files and then click the Clear Data button. I have already tried to uninstall and re-install the flash player. But no effect. Hi Ling, Please follow the given steps: 1. Keep your system software up to date.

The case of the Mac that self-plays YouTube videos

Select Check for updates. Select Daily from the pop-up menu. Select Download updates automatically. Also, if still, the problem persists then might be any preexisting software is causing this issue due to software incompatibility. Try to remove that software and then restart your system. What should I do? Any help would be appreciated! Hi Tara, Please follow the below steps: 1.

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Not empty the Safari cache. Select: Show Develop menu in menu bar 6. Now click Develop from the menu bar. From the drop-down menu click Empty Caches. Turn that OFF, quit and re-launch Safari to test. Hi James, This error occurred on your browser when the browser already cached the request from the server. The solutions are clearing cookies and caches in your browser and restart it.

The video will play fine using Google Chrome, but not Safari.

Chrome Not Playing Video? How to Fix

Thanks for describing the ways to fix this issue. Thanks a lot! Now what to do? Any advice will be appreciated. Hi Dayna, Most Youtube content requires the flash plugin.

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Please follow these steps: 1. Uninstall the previous plugin reinstall the new flash plugin then quit and relaunch Safari. Restart your Mac, try a video 3.

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If you getting problems 4. Move the Cache. DB file from the com. Quit then relaunch Safari, try a video. Safari extensions can prevent some video from streaming.

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If you have any installed, switch to OFF, quit then relaunch Safari, try again. Quit then relaunch Safari to test. I had the issue like Safari unable to play YouTube Video, I reinstalled safari and the same this occur again. After reading this blog I resolved my problems. I had the same issue in a couple of weeks ago.

The video will play fine using Chrome or Mozilla, but not Safari. Thanks for kind words. At the bottom right corner, you will see the option to enable Flash when visiting other websites. For security reasons, it is recommended that you stick to the default option of enabling Flash on a Site-by-site basis. In order to play Flash Videos, you also need JavaScript to be enabled in the web browser. You can try to disable popup blocking for that particular website and see if you are able to play Videos.