How do i check hard drive space on mac os x

It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space.

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It uses a so called tree map for visualisation. Each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file's size. Files in the same folder appear together, but their placement is otherwise arbitrary. You'll get the same app either way. So what's the difference? When you get it from the App Store you know that it has passed Apple's review and quality control, you help cover distribution costs and you support further development.

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  • It is basically the 2. It includes improvements to Dark Mode and a fix for a problem that could cause the app to crash. This version is basically identical to 2. You can also download this release from Sourceforge. Unfortunately, the previous version introduced two problems that could cause a crash. These are fixed in this release. On top of that, it includes a few other minor improvements. You can download this release from Sourceforge. It includes various minor fixes and improvements. A warning is now shown when the reported size is larger than the actual file size.

    Various improvements to the Welcome window. The window is not modal anymore, it automatically closes, and from the preferences you can configure it to re-appear. The application has also been notarized to minimize warnings on newer versions of macOS.

    How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

    Various minor bugs have also been fixed. You can download the latest release from Sourceforge. This now also includes German translations, kindly provided by Klaus Rade. You can download it from Sourceforge. It offers no new functionality but features big internal changes. The file scan code has been rewritten to use the new scan API.

    This improves performance by a factor eight on macOS On earlier versions of macOS scan speed is a bit slower unfortunately.

    How to check disk space on your Mac

    Here the old, deprecated scan API still performs better apparently. Peak memory usage when reading or writing scan data has been reduced significantly. This especially matters for big scans. Memory usage there went down from several gigabytes to "just" one. Some minor bugs have been fixed as well. Check the release notes for details. Only shortly after the first localized release, here's another. It includes Turkish translations, kindly provided by Alp Tunc.

    The first localized release since a while.


    It includes newly added support for Chinese Simplified. Translations for this have kindly been provided by Albert Leng. It fixes a minor bug in the recently added Quick Look functionality. Furthermore, the help documentation has been extended with a HowTo on miscellaneous used space. Support has been added for previewing selected files using Quick Look.

    Store in iCloud

    Furthermore, controls are added to quickly reset zoom and focus settings in a view. Disk usage visualisation by way of tree maps Configurable display of views: Choice of color mapping schemes. The official release files are available from the GrandPerspective download area at SourceForge. The latest release Version 2. It contains all you need to run the application. To install it, open the disk image and drag the application icon onto your Applications folder, or wherever you want to put it onto your file system.

    Next run the application by clicking on the icon. This contains the source code of the application.

    Your Startup Disk is Full on Mac OS - How to Fix It

    It consists of the Objective C source code, as well as various auxiliary files, such as the nib files that are used to construct the GUI. But, when deleting, worry more about removing them based on size rather than just removing all of them. A utility that correctly cleans up these files and pretty much everything else on this list is, you guessed it, CleanMyMac X. It cleans up even your system caches with just a few clicks. Just saying…. These are the languages your app has just in case you want to use it in another language, like Spanish es.

    Again, a safer alternative to this would be to use CleanMyMac X. It gets rid of all of them with a click. No digging through application folders, just a cleaner Mac. The more recent versions of iTunes create backups of your iTunes Library, whenever you update the application which, to me, feels like every day. You can trash these old iTunes Library backups by:. Delete downloaded files for any of the devices that you are not using any more, or ones which software just already updated.

    How To Check Hard Drive Space on A Mac - Mac Tutorial

    Removing old, unused applications is a great way to get some extra space on your startup disk. Go through your applications folder and get rid of all the apps you rarely use. To completely remove any application, just launch CleanMyMac 3, click Uninstaller, select your application, and then click Uninstall.

    Photos, photos, photos. Talk about tons of space! First and foremost, select only what you can get rid of, like image copies and maybe some photos that were mistakenly taken. You know, ones of the ground or something? Photos cache includes iCloud local copies created when you view pics from your iCloud photo library on a Mac , Faces cache generated when you use Faces , and other app-related cache.

    You should now see a lot more folders in your Finder window. It only removes files that are safe to delete, never a critical file or important image. To do that, repeat steps 1 and 2, described above. Then go through the Master, Modified, Original, and Preview folders to check which photos have original copies that have been altered.

    Where it stores them and which photos are copies is completely up to you, your memory, and your eyes. This section is advice on how to go about it for people who need more space. And again, this entire step is faster and safer with CleanMyMac X , because it knows which files are service copies and can be deleted. Have a closer look at these three folders. Personally, I never want to get rid of Top Gun. I watched it 3 times in a row last weekend. But alas, sometimes you need to make sacrifices for your the health of your Mac. Though, what you can do with movies you want to keep is to archive them.

    So, archive what you wish to keep and remove the rest. By archiving a file, you shave off some memory.

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    To archive a file, just:. The last place to sweep through is the Music folder. Find and remove duplicate music files first, and then clean up all the songs you downloaded on a weird Sunday afternoon cleaning the house. Seriously: It may sound incredibly basic, but it could free up a surprising amount of space. I forget to do it all the time. So get rid of all that junk by emptying the Trash :.

    It helps you clean your entire Mac with just the click of a button. Download it now to save yourself tons of time cleaning manually. Hopefully, this has helped you fix that full startup disk problem. Your startup disk should now be quite a bit lighter we hope. Oh, and if you liked this article, get social with it to help others in need.

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