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I actually did try that.

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But the maximum image size allowed is still 22" per side, at least using the controls in "Format Picture I am back on my Mac, by the way, and can confirm that saving the file as HTML creates a directory that contains the image at full resolution, as in Windows. I also tried opening the document in Pages, as Mojo suggested, but copying it from there copies only the down-scaled thumbnail, as in Word. I could not find any way in Pages to save it as HTML or otherwise export it in a way that reveals the images at original resolution.

I just spent an hour mucking with this exact same issue. And have spent countless hours doing this in the past.

How to Extract Images from Older Office Documents (.doc, .xls, or .ppt)

I feel like a freaking idiot for not thinking of the HTML trick. Yes, the HTML export is a great trick for extracting, without downsizing, a full resolution image. I have to mess with this almost every day at my job when moronic clients send stand-alone logos and other artwork inside Word files - even Excel documents! What's the matter with these people?! Don't encapsulate them in a MS document! This might seem silly, but have you tried dragging the image from the document to the desktop? That's what I had to do yesterday Just make sure that you don't have the PDF setup to downsample images when printing from word.

I have not tried dragging the image to the desktop still getting used to all this dragging wackiness in Mac OS , nor have I tried printing to PDF. I very much doubt that either of these methods will work, though, since there are actually two images in the document the tumbnail and the hidden full-resolution image ; I image that both of these actions will operate on the thumbnail since that is what is actually displayed.

So right now we have exactly one way to get the full-rez image out -- export to HTML. And in Pages, apparently, exporting to HTML is not possible I can't figure it out, anyway , so there is no way to get the full-rez image out using Pages.


Challege: find a way to export the full-rez image using only Pages. Wow, I can't believe more people don't just pick up File Juicer. It is amazingly handy.

But who wants to pay twenty bucks to do something that should be so simple? I just tried dragging and dropping the image from Word to the desktop and it does create a file with the full-rez image. So yay for dragging and dropping. It disturbs me, though, that copy-paste and drag-drop do different things. This method does does not work, however, in Pages. You just get a file containing the thumbnail.

So we still have no way to get it out from Pages. I couldn't figure out how to extract an image after printing to PDF. But it doesn't look like it'd work -- the image is mis-scaled, for one. Extracting full-resolution image from Word document 17 posts. Since docx files are zip files you can unzip the docx file and then pick out the image files. This command will extract all files from the media directory from the archive: unzip foo.

How To Extract Images From Microsoft Word

Well thats useful! Do you know if this holds for the older. The older doc format was not zipped.

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  • It was either a monolithic XML or a binary blob. You can read more about it here.

    Extract Images from PowerPoint Presentation and PDF files on Mac

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    How to extract Images from Word Document without using software

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