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I really liked Nvu when working with teachers and students because it was so easy to use. I don't believe even Richard Stallman would actually say that Emacs does not fit the definition of open source software. Rather, his position is that he supports his program as Free Software because the open source software movement is not about the principles that he supports. In other words if you asked Richard Stallman if he would characterize Emacs as open source software, his reply would be "No, it's Free Software.

It's what Quanta and QuantaPlus was based on and it's still actively developed and extremely capable and feature rich. I first tried Atom, but a bug that causes parts of its window to disappear made me search for another editor, i tried bluefish which is really nice, but also tried Brackets and i liked it very much. Now Brackets is my first choice. Sublime, while it can run on an open source OS, is not open source, and the title of the article is "open source alternatives to Dreamweaver". I've used Netbeans, which includes a cool Google extension that helps in debugging.

It allows me to make changes and view the changes without having to refresh the page. Unfortunately it is Windows-only. Visual Studio is also pretty good, but their PHP support is lousy without paying for a 3rd party plugin. This article is about open source alternatives, so open element doesn't really qualify. Citation: open element forums post? Pretty good in handling many a number of programming languages.

I have used it for many years. This is a way to keep both open source presence, as well as a prominent brand.

7 Open source HTML/CSS editing tool options

Branding is hard in Open Source. Lately I have been doing more with Drupal and Wordpress where style is controlled by themes which I edit with a text editor of some sort. These frameworks then contain their own editor tools that can have as much, or as little, options as you include. Like at work I give them some, but not all, formatting tools so as to keep everything within the theme's guidelines, while at home I give more. Both Dreamweaver and Netscape Composer later replaced by Mozilla Composer, which became Seamonkey Composer generated much cleaner code I mostly dealt with Mozilla Composer code, but I seem to remember even the original Netscape Composer's code being much better than that from FrontPage.

I never understood the attraction to FrontPage because both DreamWeaver and Composer were easier to use, and while Composer was mostly about being easy, DreamWeaver was also more powerful than FrontPage. I guess it was just the Microsoft name that got people using FrontPage.

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Yes, it's true most of the web is now managed by content systems, and development is best done in a text editor or IDE. However, for some people, using a wysiwyg editor is the fastest way to bring ideas to life. They want to focus on content and layout, and not html markup. But, every now and again, I do find I want to conceptualise something quickly I'm going to have a play with Aptana and Bluegriffon now!

I really prefer something that is quick, flexible, easy and poweful to use. Great list. I really love Bluefish Editor as well.

9 Most Popular CSS Editors for Windows and Mac

Kompozer was great, but sometimes I use it for Email Design. This review, from October , talks about Aptana as if it is a going concern, but the Eclipse Marketplace links are broken, the Aptana website is slow and the downloads section doesn't work correctly, there is not mention of it on the Appcelerator website. I found a link to install Aptana Eclipse plug-in on some forum, but when I try to run it downloads fail with an Eclipse internal error.

You should consider adding it to your article. Check it out. You'll agree with me. And since it is online. It works great on mac as well. Let's round up some of your options. Image by :. Get the highlights in your inbox every week. How do you design for the web?

I only use other people's templates. I've never designed a webpage. More Great Content. Topics Business. Art and design. Web development. About the author. Linux desktop enthusiast. Raspberry Pi tinkerer.

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Data analysis and visualization geek. Occasional coder.

A Collection of the Best Text Editors in 2018

Cloud nativist. Civic tech and open government booster. More about me. Learn how you can contribute. Recommended reading OpenAssessIt Toolkit helps improve website accessibility. The state of Linux graphic design tools in Designing posters with Krita, Scribus, and Inkscape. Build and host a website with Git. How to host your own webfonts. Seth Kenlon on 24 Mar Permalink.

Eduardo Medina on 24 Mar Permalink. For web development y I use NetBeans. Wordpress editor on 31 Mar Permalink. Sean Francis N. Ballais on 24 Mar Permalink.

Honorable mentions

I gotta say, Atom is an excellent text editor! Adam on 24 Mar Permalink. Jammy on 24 Mar Permalink. WeAreGeek on 24 Mar Permalink. I recently discovered Brackets. Jason Baker on 24 Mar Permalink. Thanks, Brackets looks pretty cool, I'll definitely check it out! Maheeky on 25 Mar Permalink.

Erwin on 24 Mar Permalink. You don't have to run emacs in a terminal window Jon on 24 Mar Permalink. Brackets without compromise. I used Bluefish for many years but then moved on to vim. Hooked ever since. Guilherme on 24 Mar Permalink. Geany it's great! Very simple and very fast. I liked and I use! Cory Hilliard on 24 Mar Permalink. James Earls on 24 Mar Permalink. Adobe Brackets is free and I use it. Dynamik Beaver on 24 Mar Permalink. Another vote for Brackets. Billy on 24 Mar Permalink. Also webflow is awesome, but not open source though.

Don Watkins on 25 Mar Permalink. Suggestion, Feedback? Please suggest one. If you want to code with your trusty iPad, then Koder is for you. The app for instant project creation and code editing, perfect for developers and programmers on the go tipsfortablets.


Koder is a big part of why I can leave my laptop at home and live on my ipad. G McAteer. Absolutely awesome! Easy to use, easy to code, easy to remote. Evan L. Koder has made PHP coding from the iPad so much easier. I'm kind of love love with the app Koder. It's perfect for on the fly bug fixes.

Wow, awesome! I've started thinking about using iPad as my main "computer" mlesniowski. If you want to write code meanwhile you use the ipad, here an App excellent to do this, Koder Code Editor iluna Koder is the best app for devs. It's XCode for Mac hashdev. If you found the app useful, please leave a positive feedback on the appstore?