Boot mac os x from external cd drive

I plugged it straight into my net book, stuck a CD in the Portable Drive and worked straightaway without needing to install any software to work! Which i was very surprised about. I highly recommend this product! External USB 2. It plays and records. You can't go wrong.

Ready to go right out of the box. Now instead of constantly using my data streaming. I can play my daughters favorite dvd and plug and play into her tablet.

Installing OS X with a broken optical drive

I also hooked it up to my survalance system at home and now I can record in high quality on a disk that I can give away. Very quiet and seems to be made of quality material. For the price, I could not go wrong. Latest USB3. So far so good. The unit is generally very quiet, and it was easy to hook up. It is lightweight, slim, and made of the same gun metal grey casing as my Macbook Air.

1. Use An External Disc Drive

I got it to replace a more expensive Apple external Superdrive which failed two days ago after much burning and copying of video files. I don't know how this VersionTech unit will hold up over time but I do like that it has a pop out loading drawer not like my Apple drive. See comments. The drive worked perfectly out of the box on my Mac Mini after I did a work-around for the power cable. IF you plug the data cable into the computer and provide a separate power supply for the other USB cable, it works great.

Plugging both USB cables into USB slots on the computer overloaded it, so it played a few seconds, stopped to recharge, then played again. Fortunately, I had a charger for a camera that had a USB port. Plugging the charger in to a standard power socket, then the power cable of the Disk Burner into that, fixed everything. It now works perfectly.

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Tags: mac , os x. Create your own OS X Glenn Cerny December 30th, , PM. Collin Westgard March 6th, , AM. Anyone else using this to get rid of OSX and out Linux on? Chris May 9th, , AM. Cya October 28th, , PM. Shadey Holt December 23rd, , AM. Why are these questions going unanswered? It is most useful and informative post for us and I hope it also for others. Guy September 13th, , PM.

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I have a imac and i cant get passed the blue and gray screen.. Hardware is fine..

installing OS X with usb superdrive

Please help anyone. Scott December 1st, , PM. Dray May 21st, , AM. Mansoor Shah June 28th, , AM. Doug September 10th, , PM. Have Something To Say? Join The Discussion! Your Name. Don't replace it quite yet Solution to Finder "Error code " in Text message fails on iPhone: "Error invalid number" notification How to lock your Mac screen with a keyboard shortcut Check your Mac's battery health to see if it needs to be replaced.

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The fix is in! My Photo Stream not updating in Mac Photos app? Mac running slow after upgrading to OS X How to delete and forward individual text messages on iOS 7 How to lock your Mac screen with a keyboard shortcut 5 simple ways to secure your Mac What Gatekeeper means for users of What's your Apple Watch situation? I really got this to start looking through my thousands of photos stored on DVDs and CDs, and so far it works perfectly.

I opened the box, plugged it into a USB 3. You don't need drivers or anything and some of you who think it's necessary for a Mac, really need to understand how a Mac works with peripherals. It was truly plug and play. Great device, high quality, looks nice, and works with After looking at other portable drives, I found this one to be the most promising for my Macbook Pro Model, which runs on a High Sierra operating system.

Installing Windows 7 through Boot Camp with no Optical Drive on a Mac Mini · Liza Shulyayeva

I originally intended to buy the LG one but upon reading a review, it apparently didn't work with a High Sierra system. When I got this I tested it out and it worked perfectly fine. I used a dvd to test it but it also works with CDs. The drive itself is thin and pretty lightweight. If you also have the same model laptop as me, the drive needs to be connected to the computer via USB so make sure you have a USB connector cord.

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  • The instructions are the easiest things to follow. Overall, a good product and well invested purchase.

    For those looking for blu ray:The instructions included said that a software unaffiliated with the company had to be downloaded Emmako USB 2. I created some Stevens Avondale, AZ. This device worked perfectly for me. This was very much worth the price! Ware Jr. Excellent company with great customer service. I highly recommend Version Tech for any purchase.